Insomniac’s Ball

As a kid, I’d often leap out of bed in the morning, excited by the dawning day’s possibilities. Now that same anticipation at times keeps me from even sleeping.

In any case, the sheep have left the barn. So … 
SAY it ain’t so, Jack: Addressing the other day the likelihood of bringing back Ken Griffey Jr. so he could close the circle and end his career in Seattle, Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik said, “I don’t want to make any move based on sentiment.”

Wow. Sentiment has always been as big a part of baseball as red stitching. It brought Hank Aaron back to Milwaukee, Don Sutton to the Dodgers, Pete Rose to the Reds,  Eddie Murray to the O’s and on and on.

Without sentiment, it’s just tiddlywinks on the lawn. … 

NEVER mind Jose Canseco vs. Danny Bonaduce (Freak Show vs. Game Show; Bonaduce briefly was a host on GSN ). Give me Jeff Kent vs. Barry Bonds in the ring. There’s a pay-per-view I’d spring for. …

ROGER Clemens: Such a poignant, precipitous fall from grace. I’d love to be a fly on his wall to get the real read on how he feels about the whole spiral. Then again, maybe not — I’d hate to be taken out by such a ridiculous weapon as a flyswatter. … 

THE NATS will be really catching some ZZs if, as GM Jim Bowden suggested the other day, 22-year-old righty Jordan Zimmermann is ready for The Show. Zimmerman (Ryan) and Zimmermann? Maybe they could also hire Don Zimmer.

Bowden could be right:  In two seasons as a pro, Zimmermann has gradually climbed the ladder with a record of 15-5 and the icing of a 1.14 ERA.

GENERAL manager: Got to be the easiest job in the world, with so many people offering their help. How did GMs get along before blogs, anyway?

BILL JAMES: The “Nutrition Facts” requirement on the box of baseball. I just want to enjoy my cereal, don’t need to know the atomic composition of those Cheerios. … 

GIVE me an outfield of Garret Anderson, Bobby  Abreu and Manny Ramirez — all still hawking on the free-agent market — and I’d take my chances in any division. … 

AND NOW for something completely different, check out this page, Tracy Ringolsby’s favorite. Just don’t hold it against me. I was young and living in Hollywood, where I thought you couldn’t even get a driver’s license without making at least one movie.

Hey, maybe that’s what keeps me awake?!…

IN TRUTH, I did try for two. Wrote a baseball screenplay which went nowhere, perhaps because the best thing about it was the title: Diamonds — A Love Affair with Balls. …


Maybe someone should start an expansion team with all the free agents left. That could be a serious ball club.

Kathy: You could have a great idea there. Have some Fantasy League hold an early draft and plop all the unsigned free agents into a separate team (assuming they’ll eventually sign and be able to put up numbers). We could call it “The Outsiders,” or “The Riff-Raff Mob.”
– Tom

No sentiment in baseball? Who is he trying to kid? And I really wish that GMs would listen to us bloggers. If they did, the Red Sox would have signed Varitek by now and I wouldn’t have had to buy so many fruit baskets!


I think GM Neal Huntington takes a look at The ‘Burgh Blues every now and then… Who do you think gave him the idea for Mr. Pedro Martinez? Blogs influencing professional sports… I love it.

Actually, a lot of GMS consider blogs a cyber version of talk radio, i.e. reflective of extreme, not typical, fans. But they do have to pay increasing attention to them.
– Tom

Bonds vs Kent!?!?……..It’s Brillant!!!
You’re like the Don King of Baseball!
Can we get a guest ref of Benito Santigo?

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