High camp, lowdown, Feb. 25: Something’s fishy

Two things you will never see in the Pirates’ clubhouse: a minotaur, and James McDonald without a fishing pole in his hands. …

The local classical radio station — WSMR-89.1FM — features the Pittsburgh Symphony every Saturday afternoon. …

But what’s with all the “This is Birdland” signs around the Bradenton-Sarasota area? The Orioles get Sarasota, their Spring Training base, but you gotta draw some lines. Quick, a shipment of Jolly Rogers, please. …

Does it seem that people are far more upset with Ryan Braun because he got his suspension overturned than they were when he got the suspension in the first place? …

Rod Barajas was stunned to learn that the Pirates’ club single-season record for most homers by a catcher is 17, by Jim Pagliaroni in 1965. Barajas had 16 last season, and has averaged 17 the last three.

“We can go better than that (17), can’t we?” Barajas, whose personal high is 21 with the Rangers in 2005, told me with a grin. …

If shortstop Clint Barmes and first baseman Casey McGehee set a pace with blistering starts, will third baseman Pedro Alvarez and second baseman Neil Walker also have to shave their heads to make it a bald infield? …

Quote of the Day:

“When you become a part of a team you cease to have rights but you gain responsibility.” (John Wooden)


well at least the ryan braun fiasco, took the sting away from the francias x coonelly fiasco. it was a public relations winfall.

btw tom you really earn your keep. multiple good articles daily, thank you and keep up the great work. you seem to be adjusting well but as you said you’ve been auditioning for this gig, your whole life.

Hi, I’m David. I love your blog. It’s very interesting and well written. I was wondering if you could check mine out. I’m a kid who just started to blog. Please comment advice. http://wp.me/29yiz

Hi, David. I did check out your blog. Totally awesome! Very impressive for someone as young as you. If it hadn’t identified you as an 11-year-old, I never would’ve guessed. My only advice, then, is: Keep it up! Baseball can certainly use more die-hards like you, and the Beautiful Game is lucky to have you as a fan. Best of luck …

Thank you so much. I was wondering if you have any advice?

Watched the pitching session with McDonald and Jaun Cruz this morning . I was really impressed with Cruz . His curve ball was outstanding with a good amount of zip on the ball . I was wondering if you have heard anything regarding this guy . I assume if he makes the tearm he would be in long relief . Just curious . GLASSERS

He’s definitely in the mix. Only reason, really, that he is a “non-roster invite” is by the time he was signed (Feb. 1), the 40-man roster was full. Can always create room for him later.

tom, you reply to everyone but me? whats the problem? i told you this name is for francias x coonelly. do you have any advice?

Ima! Not ignoring you … can’t really recall a type of question that needed any response. Did I miss something?

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