High camp, lowdown, Feb. 27: Pie? Bye!

Apparently, Traynor will remain the most famous Pie in Pirates history. A.J. Burnett showed little interest in importing to Pittsburgh his Bronx tradition of celebrating walk-off wins with pies to the kisser.

“That’s no Yankees tradition. Everyone in baseball does it,” Burnett scoffed. “Just cause it’s New York, now it’s a tradition?”

Burnett was even less interested to hear that Nick Swisher has stepped up to succeed him as lead pie thrower.

For the record, according to Michael McKenry, the ’11 Pirates celebrated walk-off wins — they had six of them — however the mood struck them.

“Once I did get the pie,” McKenry said. “But usually we just played this special song (in the clubhouse). I don’t remember what. (Outfielder Matt) Diaz picked it.” …

This is not what you want to happen to you during fielding practice: Anderson Hernandez tripped over the second-base bag, sending him sprawling and both his glove and his cap flying. Hernandez got up grinning, perhaps thinking, “How long has that been there?” …

In one year, the Boston Red Sox have gone from prohibitive favorites to prohibition. …

Clint Hurdle’s two favorite expressions: “Being in a good place” and “Taking ownership of (fill in the blank: career, at-bat, future, etc.).” …

Reps from Elevee, custom clothiers, set up shop outside the Bucs’ clubhouse. Their model on the promotional flier they posted on the bulletin board? Ryan Braun. …

Quote of the Day:

“Those on top of the mountain did not fall there.” (Unknown)

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