Why the umpire doesn’t yell “Work Ball!”

What an absolutely perfect day for a doubleheader. It’s days like this that make me think I should pay to watch The Beautiful Game, not the other way around. I’m still waiting for someone to yank the media pass off my neck and say, “Sorry. We were only kidding.”

What makes today even more special is the fact the Bucs and Rockies are playing a traditional twin-bill. None of that day-night-kill-a-few-hours-in-between ballapalooza.

The guys in uniform certainly prefer the traditional approach.

“Less taxing. You get into a routine and just continue to play,” Clint Hurdle said. “I like that. You don’t stay on ‘pause’ for an extended period of time. There is a more continuous flow.”

Scheduled doubleheaders are extinct. In the course of the season, postponements will lead both to single-admission and day-night doubleheaders, the latter necessary to protect revenue in ballparks that regularly are filled.

But another thing totally extinct is the single-admission, twi-night doubleheader. Those used to be staples at old Forbes Field, catering to steelworkers off the day shift. I remember attending many memorable twi-nighters, which typically began at 6 p.m. and late in the season would proceed without curfews (since the visiting team would not be making subsequent appearances).

Such as the one against the Cardinals, with both games long, drawn-out extra-inning affairs. The final pitch was made at something like two o’clock in the morning. There was nothing lik seeing Elroy Face kick high and throw forkballs into the dirt at 2 a.m.


I am beginning to be a fan of your blog, keep up the good work.

Thanks. Truly appreciate it. But, uh-oh, pressure’s on!

Tom: I think we will all appreciate more news/tidbits/opinions from you! Best.

Tom why is the term “plated” so popular when other less trite expressions are better and have proved sitable for years? Also, why is it necessary for players to add “out there” to every expression of what they did or are about to do. Some of these “out theres” are spoken by college graduates. It worse than “you know” after every word, you know?

You have been around the game for awhile. Remembering those old ballparks reminded me of the days of listening to Bob Prince at those venues…….through the crackle of an A M radio 400 miles away.

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