Views to a thrill

I had a little time to kill yesterday at the Pittsburgh airport. Actually, I had a lot of time to kill. My travel agent is Murphy, of Murphy’s Law fame. Rule No. 1: “The less time you have to catch a flight, the farther your gate, and vice versa.” So I’m really early for my flight to Atlanta — you got it, very first gate in the concourse.

Anyway — with all this time, and fresh out of David Baldacci books to read, I decided to make a list. Every once in a while, we hear about this veteran pitcher appearing in his umpteenth different Major League stadium, or that seasoned player playing in so many different parks — bloated numbers due to waves of new construction.

I was about to make my first visit to Turner Field, which I’d somehow missed for its first 15 years, but had frequently been to its predecessor, Fulton County Stadium. So I got to thinking: How many different Major League press boxes will that make for me?

So I began to list them, somewhat surprised by how quickly they all came back to me.

And — drumroll, please — The Ted will be No. 51!

Considering I started covering baseball when there were 24 teams, and even now we’re up to only 30 — guess that means I’ve seen a lot of yards come and go. I began humming Sinatra’s “There Used To Be A Ballpark Here” and flashed back to each and every one of them, randomly … 

Dodger Stadium … Angel Stadium … Memorial Coliseum (joined the list in 2008, when the Dodgers played a turn-back-the-clock exhibition against the Red Sox) … Three Rivers … Forbes Field … PNC Park … Riverfront … Great American … Municipal … Progressive … Shea … Yankee … Fenway …

… Wrigley … Fulton County … Oakland Alameda Coliseum … Candlestick … AT&T … County Stadium… Miller Park … Chase Field … Coors Field … Kauffman … Comiskey … U.S. Cellular … Busch II and III … Veterans … Citizens Bank … Memorial … Camden Yards … Pro Player … Tropicana … Arlington … Rangers Ballpark … 

… Exhibition Stadium … SkyDome … Olympic Stadium … Tiger … Comerica … Kingdome … SAFECO … PETCO … Jack Murphy … Astrodome … Minute Maid … Metrodome … RFK … Nationals Park … Metropolitan.

Spring Training ballparks? Don’t even start me, considering I’ve done both Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues.

And know what? When I first step into Turner Field, the kick will be as big as ever. Might even do a little jig through the door.


I wish we still had Langosh – who cares how many ballparks you have been to. We want to read some inside info on the Pirates – not this dribble.

Oh please.. this guy is way better than her. She was incredibly boring.

What about Closely Field and Shine Park? Now, those were some nice places to see games. Also liked the old park where the Minneapolis Miller used to play. Bill Veeck and the Brownies used to own Sportsmans Park and that was a classy venue for Ned Garner.

Oh!! for the good “ole days” when the Bucs put it in high gear after about 60 games – for a return of the “red hot Pittsburgh Pirates” winner of 22 out of 25 and etc. Lets go Bucs!!

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