Clint Hurdle ha…

Clint Hurdle has been tinkering with his lineup all season. In fact, he has never used the same lineup more than twice in 26 games.

For tonight’s game against the Reds, however, he sped right past tinkering to overhauling.

Pedro Alvarez, who has spent the majority of the month in the seven-hole, debuts in the clean-up spot. This is a dramatic reflection of how he has zoome from being an .067-hitting lost-soul to a .260-hitting threat in the space of a dozen games.

Concurrently, Neil Walker, the primary No.4 guy, moves up to No. 2, which may be betteer suited to his clutch, but not too powerful, swing.

At first, Hurdle blamed his decision to elevate Alvarez into the clean-up spot on Cinco de Mayo.

“It’s either bootleg or brainstorm,” Hurdle said with a wide grin before getting serious: “You have to have a feel for when is the time right. Pedro has been having very good at-bats. I’ve always envisioned the day he could bat clean-up for us.”

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Pedro seems to have turned it on. Let’s hope that’s for good. The best managers know when a guy is ready for more responsibility. We’ll see how Alvarez shakes out in the clean up role, and how much faith Hurdle really has in him there. Hopefully the lineup can stick for a while and develop into a real threat.

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