Bucs fan Hurdle’s displeasure

Clint Hurdle appeared to be more than a little bothered by the Bucs’ 17-strikeout performance on Sunday. While somewhat-grudgingly crediting Mat Latos and the Reds bullpen, he clearly faulted his batters’ approach.

Hurdle pointed out the “big swings” taken by a team really not suited for them, but his displeasure was most obvious in declining to defend Nate McLouth’s “big take.”

With the bases loaded and two outs in the first, McLouth was called out on a 3-and-2 pitch that clearly was low. Hurdle left no doubt to his thinking, that when a pitch is even close in that situation, you take a hack at it.

The postgame mood in the Bucs’ clubhouse was definitely somber. There might’ve been some chewing-out going on, maybe even in the dugout, before the 5-0 loss to Cincy was even over.

However it happened or however avoidable it might’ve been, Sunday’s game provided a bizarre bookend to Thursday’s in St. Louis. In the space of four games, Pirates pitchers set a new club record for most strikeouts in a 9-inning game, and tied their club record for striking out the most times in a 9-inning game — 17 in both cases.

Adding to the wackiness: The Bucs’ 17 was set up by Erik Bedard’s 11. Ditto for the Reds, with starter Latos ringing up the first 11.


Glad to hear they got a chewing out for that performance….. gawd awful!

And they should be dad gum angry. Latos is good but it is not like he is Bob Veale. We need to stop the checked swing strikes. By the way, did anyone see B Harper’s steal of home a few minutes ago? What a way to have your first career steal. Do the Bucs steal anymore? Time to bring back Taverns and More.

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