No “I” in team, but definitely an “A.J.”

So what does it mean to be a team leader in baseball? How can one personality influence the collective psyche?

The term is thrown around so loosely, it can lose meaning. Like, “dietary ice cream.”

“Veteran leadership.” How does it work?

Have an example, from the fly on the wall of the Pirates’ clubhouse.

Chris Resop calls out across to room:

“Hey, A.J. Who is No. 48? Don’t look at the sign above the locker.”

“Hughes!” A.J. Burnett shouts back, and starts walking across the floor.

“There you go. Jared Hughes was just saying he bets you don’t even know who he is.”

“I also know it’s not Jared. His first name is William,” Burnett says, as we walks up to Hughes and the two exchange a fist-pump.

“Wow! Thanks, man, Really cool,” the rookie Hughes, whose given name really is William Jared Hughes, tells the 14-year vet Burnett.

Any questions? 

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