Comerica becomes Gorkys Park.

The addition of Gorkys Hernandez may have surprised, even puzzled, most people, but it makes perfect sense to me. Taking off from the expectation that the Pirates would ‘swap’ a pitcher (Evan Meek) for a position player for the Interleague series in Detroit, the choice of Hernandez is understandable.

His speciality is defense, and nowhere is there a bigger premium on outfield range than in vast Comerica Park. Add the fact Hernandez was originally a member of the Tigers organization (he was dealt after the 2007 season to Atlanta, which flipped him to the Pirates in the Nate McLouth deal), and he could have a little extra mojo getting a chance to make his Major League debut against them.

Adding Hernandez also sends a little message to Jose Tabata, who essentially is getting benched Friday night because of two physical errors in the field and a mental one in the batter’s box Thursday night in Washington. Clint Hurdle attributed Tabata’s mistakes to misplaced focus, and said “he knows the price for that is spending the next game watching next to me on the bench.”

If the Bucs need a defensive replacement late in Friday’s game, the call will be for Gorkys. But Tabata will get the word, too.

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Bucs are having a decent start…hope they can finish well. I think they should look at the AAA level and rotate some people to the bigs just to give them some playing time, in the event of an injury.

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