Pirates close out top 5 with JuCo righty

The Bucs finished the top tier of selections in Day 2 of the 2012 First-Year Player Draft with the fifth-round pick of Adrian Sampson, a right-hander from Bellevue Community College.

Sampson underwent Tommy John surgery three years ago, and was a 16-round pick last June by the Marlins.

The Pirates had gotten their portion of Day 2 underway by selecting Texas high-school catcher Wyatt Mathisen with their second round pick, the overall No. 69 selection.

Mathisen, from Corpus Christi, is part of the Texas Longhorns’ highly-touted recruiting class. Although drafted as a catcher, the 18-year-old has played other positions and, in fact, logged more games this season at short than behind the plate.

The Pirates followed up that pick with the third-round selection of right-hander Jonathan Sandfort at No. 103. Sandfort, from Winter Springs (FL) High School, towers 6-foot-5 and weighs 220 pounds and is just developing the power arm you’d expect of someone that size.

In the fourth round, the Bucs went back to the outfield college ranks, taking Georgia Tech center fielder Brandon Thomas at No. 136. The 21-year-old is a 6-foot-3, 205-pound switch hitter who was a 37th round pick in 2009 out of high school by the Rockies.

Stay tuned here for immediate updates of the Bucs’ upcoming Draft picks.


A catcher thats a shortstop, don’t think I’ve ever heard that before, can he hit.

Brandon is a great player, and a great guy, the stuff role models are made of.
Pittsburgh, you’re lucky!

Eric is apparently Brandon’s dad

Baseball drafts are a crap-shoot! Problem is, for 22 years, most time the Pirates roll ‘snake-eyes’. {Sigh}

Eric is not Brandon’s dad. Don’t know who he is, but as Brandon’s mom, I agree the Pirates are lucky to get Brandon.

Go get’ em Patti!

That comment, I think, referred to another of the Pirates’ picks — Eric Wood — and am sure was meant as a joke Brandon Wood was a (very disappointing) Pirates infielder last season. Just a coincidence that a better Brandon — your son — was drafted a couple of slots ahead of Eric. Congrats.

Mr. Singer, the first “Brandon” comment was obviously meant sarcastically and had nothing whatever to do with Brandon Wood, but thanks for being nice to this Brandon’s mom.

Mathisen is one of the best high school hitters I have ever watched.

Not unusual for a high school catcher to be a shortstop, too. As a sportswriter, I watched Steve Swisher come up through the ranks – Yankee Nick Swisher’s father – with the Cubs. In high school he rotated between short and catcher with a lot depending upon the baserunning speed of the opponent. And sometimes he pitched in relief. If you have a canon for an arm, you’re likely to play short, catcher or pitch in high school.

Actually it was Ccath66 and not Patti who set the record straight. I sit corrected!

i dont care who his parents are.. as a pirates fan i hope the guy pans out and becomes an outstanding outfielder for us! period

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