Could Pirates add Reyes?

Is Jo-Jo Reyes about to yo-yo back to the Majors?

I don’t know — but I do know that the Pirates will need a longer-term placeholder in their rotation with Jeff Karstens’ latest setback, and that Reyes keeps lighting it up in Indianapolis.

Brad Lincoln will lead off the series in Baltimore on Tuesday — a spot logically targeted for Karstens before his most recent rehab outing, on Thursday in Pawtucket with the Indians, was curtailed by discomfort in the right groin area,

A subsequent MRI targeted the hip flexor as the source of the discomfort. That’s a better diagnosis — but Karstens is still being shut down long enough to leave his next two turns vacant.

Lincoln may be too valuable as a long reliever — 0.45 ERA in 13 games and 20 innings — to keep starting.

If looking for reinforcements, Clint Hurdle could do worse than Reyes, the 27-year-old lefty — heck, he’s the same age as Tony Watson — who has a 2.05 ERA for his first nine outing at Indy, with a fine 34-to-10 strikeouts-to-walks ratio in 44 innings.

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I’d like to see us pick up a spot or fifth starter capable of starting 18 to 20 games per annum and also pitch long relief, ideally another 50 to 75 nnings per year. Something like a modern Bob Turley or Bob Grim from the late 1950s or even a Vinegar Bend Mizzell, a young Steve Class or Tommie Sisk. I think this is the direction we should go. Create a strong yet versatile staff. If you think I am joking, well, I am dead serious. Pitchers from the 1950s will tell you that they felt fine to pitch an inning of relief the day after starting and could be effective. It is a matter of training your ARM while not overarching.

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