Marte Moment Is Here

The Marte Moment has arrived.

The Pirates announced a few minutes ago that the mercurial outfielder will join the team in Houston, and is expected to be recalled in time for Thursday night’s series opener against the Astros.

To clear roster space, right-hander Evan Meek has already been optioned back to the Indians.

Earlier today, I had tweeted that the acquisition of Wandy Rodriguez would ease Marte’s eventual transition, placing another Dominican Republic native into the clubhouse. A few hours later … what do you know.


Tom your crystal ball is special….

Pirates of the Caribean sail capture the Allegheny

I responded to your very first blog that I thought Marte deserved to make the team and that the Pirates should have realized that. You said you were a Marte fan also. However, today I think they did the right thing. He worked on what they wanted and deserved the call up. He has proven that he is a major leaguer in every sense but one. Someone needs to tell him to stop bunting with 2 outs and the pitcher on first. Other than that, he has been tremendous.

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