Correia still hopes for trade

Kevin Correia admitted to me this morning that he hopes he will be dealt prior to Tuesday afternoon’s Trade Deadline.

This isn’t shocking news. Correia is a starting pitcher, and he wants to reman a starting pitcher. He was removed from the Pirates’ rotation to make room for Wandy Rodriguez.

“I want to start. For me to start, I’d either have to go elsewhere, or have someone get hurt here,” Correia said. “I don’t want to see anyone to get hurt, so …”

When manager Clint Hurdle had his talk with Correia on Thursday to inform him of the staff decision to move him to the bullpen, Kevin said he did not specifically inquire about the chances of him being dealt.

“(General manager) Neal Huntington wasn’t part of that conversation, so what would have been the point? The manager doesn’t make those calls,” Correia said.

The Angels were believed a possible destination for Correia, but their acquisition of Zack Greinke pretty much cropped them out of the picture. The White Sox just acquired Francisco Liriano.

“Maybe after all the No. 1s are off the board, then teams will start looking at me,” Correia said, the hurt obvious in his eyes.

This is a very tough deal to take. Rodriguez was a good pick-up, the team’s fans concur. It resulted in an overload of solid starters. Someone had to go. For various reasons, physical limitations of others being part of them, Correia was the odd man out. But he had won six straight decisions, making the move hard to accept, even if not hard to understand.


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