Sep 8: Football Saturday in the locker room

So how can you tell it’s a Saturday afternoon in September?

You walk into the Pirates clubhouse, and everyone is hunched over either their pad or phone following their college football team of choice. …

* * *

Rod Barajas was tracing something totally different on his phone: His kids’ soccer games in Southern California.

“Poor Stacie,” he said about his wife. “She’s got to take the kids to five different soccer games today.”

* * *

All this (warranted) consternation about possible scheduling nightmares in the event of end-of-season ties for playoffs spots has a touch of nostalgia for me. The main worry is that the already-tight postseason schedule would reach a breaking point if any tiebreakers have to be played.

It could result in all sorts of scheduling-travel nightmares since only one off-day is scheduled between the Oct. 3 end of the regular season and the Oct. 5 Wild Card one-game playoffs. People are wringing their hands over the possibility of, say, the Cardinals having to play at home on Wednesday, flying to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers in a Wild Card tiebreaker on Thursday and the winner of that game having to fly to Atlanta to play the Braves in the Wild Card playoff game on Friday.

Rough. But a whole media army tagged along with the Angels on just such an odyssey in 2005.

Here is how that happened:

  • Oct. 8, New York: Game 4 of the Division Series between the Angels and the Yankees is rained out.
  • Oct. 9, New York: Game 4 is played in prime time, and the Yankees win 3-2 tie knot the Series at 2-games each.
  • Oct. 10, Anaheim: Afternoon Game 5, Angels win 5-3 to advance.
  • Oct. 11, Chicago: Angels meet the White Sox in ALCS Game 1, and actually sleep-walk to a 3-2 win (then lose the next four).

Living out of a suitcase is one thing. Those three days, we all lived out of a straight-jacket.


Can’t we dig up a pitcher from the little league. I saw a couple of good ones from Mexicqo and Uganda at Williamsport.

Oh, I’m so disappointed in the Pirates. Is there any hope on moving up? I’m so tired of my husband saying “I told you so”. Jean

if the reds release mesoraco i think it would wise if the bucs would pick him up because soon that nan is going to be a great catcher and just think of all the fans he would bring with him from the punxsutawney area

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