Nutting calls off the dogs … er, SEALS

Bob Nutting broke his “silence” today by holding a media conference. Can’t call it a news conference, because there was no news.

This is what we “learned:”

A. Nutting was upset over the Bucs’ August and September (yeah, he and the rest of Western Pennsylvania).

B. Everyone is keeping his job (including Neal Huntington, so he doesn’t have to cancel his reservation in Palm Springs for the General Managers Meetings that begin Wednesday).

C. The Pirates can keep winning Gold Gloves — but Purple Hearts are out (all that paramilitary training stuff will be toned down although, presumably, Buccos players can still do their traditional hang-out with Navy SEALS on their annual visit to San Diego).

Really, what did anyone expect the club’s embattled chairman to do? He wasn’t about to give in to frustrated critics and dynamite his front office in the wake of a 22-game improvement in two years — the Majors’ third-best in that stretch. Nor could he continue to sign off on those controversial discipline-forming actics that unleashed a witch hunt.

Calling an end to Pirate City’s so-called “Hell Week” was just a convenient compromise.

While he was at it, bet Nutting also told Kyle Stark, no more rebel-rousing emails, please.


Tom: Please let me remind you that that “upset” you noted in August and September resounded a lot farther away than simply Western Pennsylvania. You have Pirate fans all over this fine country of ours who were none too happy with the end result…again!

I definitely should have cast a wider net, for sure — just thinking of all the Pirates garb I saw people wearing across the country.

Tom Singer


“You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to do your best to try to win.”

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