Stargell wins again; Pops mails it in

For a team that has not had a winning record on the field in 20 years, the Pirates are certainly doing a lot of winning off the field.

I’m not even referring to Andrew McCutchen, who continued cleaning up at the awards window yesterday by taking home NL Outstanding Player of the honors, as voted by peers in their union’s Players Choice balloting. Add that to his Gold Glove and Wilson Pirates Defensive Player of Year Awards.

But how about Willie Stargell? Eleven years after his untimely passing, and three decades after his last at-bat, Pops is as hot at the P.O. Box as he was in the batter’s box.

Remember when the U.S. Postal Service issues its Forever All-Star stamps in mid-summer? Stargell was included in the initial release along with three other all-time greats. USPS has been tracking sales, the numbers are in — and guess which stamp has proven most popular?

The sales standings:

  • Willie Stargell: 8,220,355
  • Ted Williams: 8,209,035
  • Joe DiMaggio: 8,065,855
  • Larry Doby: 7,8454,015.

How about that? Fathers — show that list to your kids. Yet another reminder of this franchise’s rich history. And it’s about time the present caught up with the past.

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