Baby, It’s Chili (Davis) Outside

Things I learned at PirateFest:

  • Got a kick out of learning Michael McKenry and I have something — rather, someone — in common: Chili Davis. I covered the A’s current hitting coach as a player with the Angels, a great guy I consider a good friend. Davis was McKenry’s batting coach at Pawtucket in 2011, and still regularly calls him with tips, encouragement. 
  • All you need to know about A.J. Burnett: For all the highs he enjoyed last season, he considers his highlight the July 3 night the Astros knocked him around for 12 hits and six runs in five-plus innings. Why? Because as he walked off the mound, the 21,516 in PNC Park still gave him a standing ovation. “That meant a lot,” A.J. said.
  • Jeff Locke’s favorite player? “Clayton Kershaw. He’s a beast.”
  • Pedro Alvarez’s? “Scott Rolen. I grew up watching him.”
  • Give him an audience, and Clint Hurdle turns into Tony Robbins.
  • The Pirates, as all teams, can look forward to an additional $25 million of annual revenue in 2014 as a slice of MLB’s national TV pie. Club president Frank Coonelly: “We intend to invest all of that back into the team, much of it in the Major League payroll.”
  • A.J. Burnett may be able to toss his fastball over a dime 60 feet, 6 inches away, but he can’t toss a bean-bag into a 6-inch hole 10 feet away.
  • Jared Hughes makes a pretty good Howie Mandel.
  • Spring Training can’t get here fast enough.

1 Comment

With payroll around 70 million, can we assume it may jump to around 90 million next year with added TV money?
What part of 25 million goes to mlb payroll….20 million??
Would like to know Frank Coonelly’s intentions.

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