March 8: Cranks & Clunks

The Bucs dropped a 6-3 nighttime affair to the Birds in McKechnie Field.


  • Starling Marte: You’d think he wants that leadoff gig. Two singles and a walk, two stolen bases, both leading to runs. 
  • Pedro Alvarez: The good Toro showed up on defense, with a fabulous backhand stab of Travis Ishikawa’s smash down the third-base line with two outs in the first and a runner on second, and a bullet throw to first for the out. Hey, O’s, remind you of anyone who used to hoover third base for you guys?
  • Mike Zagurski: He may not have the classic athlete’s physique but, man, he’s got the classic lefty reliever’s pitches. Three up, three down — all on strikes, getting Clint Hurdle’s attention, big-time.
  • Carlos Paulino: The non-roster catcher showcased his arm in a late-game appearance, and it’s of a calibre recent Pirates and fans are not used to seeing. 


  • Erik Cordier: The 27-year-old non-roster righty endangered everyone from his catcher to Baltimore hitters to fans sitting behind first base. He sailed a pickoff throw five rows into the seats on the fly, walked three, unleashed two wild pitches, gave up a hit — in two-thirds of the ninth inning.
  • Buccos bats: Have now gone 66 innings since their last home run, the second of Gaby Sanchez’s two blows on March 1 in Sarasota against the Orioles. 

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