Camp Corsairs 3/9: Cranks and Clunks

Waiting for the time to come for regulars to play, err, somewhat regularly so the Bucs can find the offensive hot button …

Today’s result: 5-4 loss to Twins.


  • A.J. Burnett: Four shutout innings before tiring in the fifth? Nice. Another pickoff? Great!
  • Jared Hughes: No, really. For providing more  testimony why traditional pitching stats are worthless for relief pitchers. He is now credited with a perfect spring in five appearances (no runs in 5 1/3 innings) — yet the first three men he faced today got a walk and two hits, including one that scored the tying run charged to A.J.
  • Ivan De Jesus: After 69 innings, a Pirates player finally hit a home run. And it was him.


  • 5-4: That’s the Bucs’ 9-1-1. They lost their last six games with that final last season, have already lost twice by that count this spring.
  • Gerrit Cole: No, he hasn’t done anything wrong. But Clint Hurdle’s decision to go to the Fort Myers portion of Sunday’s split-squad games — rather then check out his start in Sarasota against the Orioles — doesn’t bode well for how open-minded the Bucs are about him making the season-opening rotation.

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