Feel September’s Rhythm

Anita Baker tells us, “Love has a rhythm, and Mother Nature has a rhythm and love … oh, yes, love has a rhythm.

So does baseball. One of the things that attracted me, as a youngster, to the sport was its rhythm. A baseball game gradually builds to a resolution, its crescendo. Like a long, escalating drumroll breaking into The Noise.

Football games give you the two-minute warning. Basketball games give you the Manic Final Minute.

A baseball game gives you Infinity. It’s not over until a pitch, or yet another hit in a rally full of them, says it’s over.

September is like that. It rolls down a hill, kicking up a dust storm, keeping secret who is what and where until it cross the line and the dust settles. September is like the last five minutes of a Hitchcock film.

Now, MLB.com is doing a wonderful daily job of capturing, displaying and celebrating the  Pulse of the Postseason. Check it out and feel the rhythm.

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