The biggest game? Yeah, it’s here

Everyone into, or part of, baseball jokes about “today’s game is the biggest … until tomorrow’s,” because a season has so many of them.

But for the Pirates … today’s game IS the biggest.

A combination of things makes the season’s penultimate game against the Cardinals the one wall the Bucs have to knock down to have a shot at the division title:

  • Lose once more, and the ’82’ will be towering over you and jumping at you in your sleep. Clint Hurdle said being stuck on 81 isn’t on his players’ minds, because the 20-year non-winning streak just isn’t their bag. Lose once more, and it will be.
  • Jeff Locke. A strong return start by the All-Star would be a fantastic final push. He’ll face another ace — Adam Wainwright — who has been going through a lull. The edge in this duel of dulled aces will be huge, going forward.
  • A couple of times, the Bucs have been able to fight their way back on top after falling out of first place. I don’t see it happening a third time. Keep it, or forget it.
And, could someone please do something about the Reds? Yes, this means you, Dodgers.


Really, Tom???? Really???? Twenty-two games to go and you are declaring that we should fold up the tent this evening if the Pirates don’t add one to the win column tonight? Admittedly, you have a tough edge to walk, a tautness you must constantly deal with, avoiding the the extremes of both the caustic naysayer and the blinded, ever-hopeful flag waver. Your first point – a three game losing streak and we suddenly have an insomnia-inducing monster in the collective head of the Bucs? We still have an opportunity with the Cards Sunday. Your second assertion, the struggling pitcher who triumphs tonight being a huge boost to his squad? Spot on there, I would agree. Third, the team not being able to come back a third time if they drop out of first tonight . . . granted, the challenges that face the Pirates the rest of the season are . . . well, huge, but I am going to hold off sending flowers to the funeral if the team fails to win tonight. I am pulling for our favorite New Hampshirite today big time!

Gee, I am sure sorry more folks don’t read and comment on this blog. I enjoy your insights.


I’m sure many folks read your blog, Tom, but rarely comment. I regularly check in to see what’s going on, but only post periodically (see the Twilight Zone post). Keep up the good work!

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