Carrie Corsairs sailing for home

Yeah, I’ve got an affinity for nicknames, as anyone who reads me even semi-regularly knows.

Well, I’ve got another one for the Pirates:

The “Carrie Corsairs.”

You know, how in the Brian De Palma movie of Stephen King’s book, Carrie keeps leaping back in your face when you think she and the movie are over?

Okay, that’s the Bucs.

They still may not be able to reclaim first place and have to make do as a Wild Card playoff team, but, regardless, the sense they wouldn’t be able to recover from the St. Louis mugging is officially wrong.

Not only have they responded with two wins against a difficult foe in a difficult park, but the manner in which they knocked off the Rangers twice is the stuff of peerless resilience, nerve, and ice-blooded cool.

This is the time for certain baseball teams to play out the string. Clearly, the Pirates’ string is attached to a yo-yo.

Oh — and Gerrit Cole is really good.


Mr. Singer… It’s time to promote Russell Martin as MVP… You know the reasons… 42% enough, said… Remember last year

Speaking of which (promoting, that is) and I don’t believe you got much feedback on the idea you put forth earlier in the season, Tom, but I did a little homework on Latino MLB pioneers and I believe there is a very strong case to be made for retiring The Great One’s “21” across the board in MLB. One of the first things I would make sure was done after I become the czar of everything. (Yes, I know. Don’t hold your breath.)

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