A thank-you note … or 30.

To quote Frank Sinatra … 

“… And there used to be a ballpark where the field was warm and green

And the people played their crazy game with a joy I’d never seen … “

Time to put another Pittsburgh summer behind me. Except, this is one I will never leave. And there are things I will not left unsaid. So thanks to … 

… Clint Hurdle, for all the time.

… A.J. Burnett, for the fire.

… Gerrit Cole, for the candor, and for the chance to see destiny fulfilled.

… Neil Walker, for being so real.

… Francisco Liriano, for that unhittable slider.

… Pedro Alvarez, for being so stoic.

… Andrew McCutchen, for the goosebumps.

… Clint Barmes, for the daily “Wows.”

… Jeff Locke, for carrying the load for three months.

… Ray Searage, for the insight.

… Heberto Andrade, for not letting anything get lost in the translation.

… Starling Marte, for the exuberance.

… Charlie Morton, for the smarts.

… Marlon Byrd, for bringing the ‘tude.

… Josh Harrison, for the spark.

… Jared Hughes, for the friendship and the dedication.

… Jordy Mercer, for waiting for your time with class.

… Travis Snider, for the clutch.

… Russell Martin, for being so accessible.

… Garrett Jones, for the power and the selflessness.

… Jason Grilli, for being nails.

… Michael McKenry, for the grace in dealing with a bad break.

… Jose Tabata, for getting it all back.

… Mark Melancon, for the Shark Tank.

… Tony Watson, for  being so icy.

… Justin Wilson, for the heat.

… Vin Mazzaro, for the bullpen bridge.

… Jeanmar Gomez, for being so spot-on, whatever the spot.

… Bryan Morris, for the old-school grit.

… Neal Huntington, for sticking to your guns.

… Jim Trdinich and Dan Hart, for help above and beyond.

… Greg Brown, Tim Neverett, Steve Blass, Bob Walk and John Wehner, for painting pictures with words.

… Pirates Nation, for the Wild Card Blackout, an unbelievable night of sound, emotion and triumph.

… Pittsburgh, for an unforgettable ride — I love you.

Same place, next spring.


Thank you Tom, it’s hard to reply through tears. It was a privilege watching these guys this past spring/summer/fall……yes, FALL! Next year, new goals, new dreams, new adventures. It’s going to be a long, cold winter waiting for that anticipated…..”Pitchers & catchers report!!!!!”

Al Crafts Bellefonte

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

. . . and Tom Singer, for his beautiful prose.

This is great! Thanks Mr. Singer! Enjoy your winter hibernation from baseball!

See you in Bradenton , can’t wait , GLASSERS

Thanks for making the experience of that magical season returning to the postseason at long last even more memorable with the terrific game to game MLB report. I would look forward to it every game. Mr. Tom Singer, thank you!

Thank you so much, Clifford. We can all look forward to it all over again in 2014.

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