Byrd over Beltran? Yes, please

I absolutely love Marlon Byrd, for what he brought to the Pirates in September. He impacted the team on so many levels in so short a time, it was easy to develop an instant appreciation of him. On the field, in the batter’s box, in the club house — the Byrd man was the man.

But I’m going to give you another reason — one that will blow you away — for digging what this guy brings and for hoping the Bucs can re-sign him.

Check out these two sets of 2013 numbers for a pair of free-agent outfielders, both of whom will be entering their age-36 seasons in 2014:

  • 24 homers and 88 RBIs in 145 games and 554 at-bats, with a .296 average and an OPS of .830.
  • 24 homers and 88 RBIs in 147 games and 532 at-bats, with a .291 average and an OPS of .847.
Give up?
The first set belongs to Carlos Beltran, one of the postseason’s darlings who is considered one of the top free agents on the market, in the Top Ten of most evaluators.
The second set? Byrd, viewed by most as an afterthought on the same market.
Yes, Beltran has that impressive postseason resume, which he has just enhanced. Byrd held his own in his first, brief postseason exposure — batting .364 in the Bucs’ six games, with a homer and a pair of doubles and five RBIs.
One more set of relevant numbers is that Beltran did all that on a $13 million contract — and Byrd did it on $700,000.
So who do you think will be a better sign? Gimme Byrd.


  1. Philip

    Neither. But Beltran over Byrd. The latter had a season that he cannot come even close to in ’14. And he has past drug baggage that cannot be overlooked. Beltran needs too much TLC at 38 to consider him for a NL team. He should go AL and DH. Lambo offers power in RF.

  2. pebindy883

    Folks, the Pirates are loaded with talent…….. I don’t understand why anyone would suggest the signing of a player well past prime to a lucrative contract. Pirates Nation doesn’t need “Star Power” to attend games, They want wins. Just raise that Jolly Roger. This year’s attendance proved that.
    Maybe sign Michael Morse and play him in LF…… Marte’ then plays RF – no issue as his arm is very good.
    Re-sign Barmes to 1-year as utility IF and to bring Mercer along.
    If Alvarez could just bring his BA up 20 points……… what a player.
    So 1st base is not open, but but a spot to watch. Matt Hague is playing winter ball and continues to hit. IMO cheaper and better than Gabby. I see Jones (BL) & Hague (BR) as the 1B combo.
    Lambo, Harrison, d’Arnaud, T.Sanchez, Sands or Tabata

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