Day 1: WC, from Wild Card to Water Closet

Francisco Liriano sprinted off one of Pirate City’s fields, frantically looking around.

A security guard who correctly interpreted the left-hander’s panic pointed him toward the bathroom. The only bathroom among the four fields and bullpen of the Bucs’ Spring Training Complex.

And welcome to the nightmare of the Pirates’ support staff, something keeping them up at nights. It is one of the unpleasant aspects of the Bucs’ emergency as a playoff team.

Once camp is in full swing — position players report on Monday for Tuesday’s first full-squad workout — fans are expected to flock to Pirate City in record numbers.

“On a typical day in the past, we’d have maybe 500,” said a staffer. “I think we’re going to see up to 1,500 daily now.”

And there is still only that one bathroom, for the use of both players and the spectators who freely mingle in the quad among the four fields.

Winning, they say, can create problems, but they are nice problems to have. This one does not sound like a nice problem.

Yes, the 911 has gone out for Port-a-Potties.


the first day of camp and you write about the lack of toilets???? WTF,,,

Or, you could read the couple thousands words of real coverage at This is where you come for the sideshow, the out-of-bounds stuff. Capisce?

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