Day 2: No better time than “Now”

The 2014 Pirates might have the most succinct — yet most meaningful — slogan of all time: “Now.”

It hasn’t yet been officially adopted. But that could be on the way.

A photo on the clubhouse bulletin board is of a watch with “Now” where you would normally find the dial, and the caption, “Most accurate watch ever.”

And Buccos manager Clint Hurdle said prior to Friday’s second workout for pitchers and catchers, “The experience of last year, even losing the Division Series, is one of the levels you need to reach to go farther. That’s going to add value to everything we do. It’s about getting things done ‘Now.'”

Put that on a tee-shirt, I’ll wear it.

* * *

Hurdle forever urges his players to “do more.” As in, “If you want to accomplish more, you have to do more.”

But now there is less of him.

The skipper has dropped a load of pounds and pants sizes over the winter. He won’t put a number on it, but the evidence is dramatic.

With Expanded Replay, maybe the guy who tied for the Majors’ lead with six ejections last season figured he had to control his weight by means other than trotting out to argue plays.

*   *   *

An Apr. 26, 2013 article by’s Adam Berry, titled “Fastball first: Pitching success by keeping it simple,” has a prominent place on the Pirates’ clubhouse bulletin board, with key passages highlighted in bright yellow.

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