Forever wedded to Hammerin’ Hank’s big day

This is one way to make sure you never forget your wedding anniversary: Have Hank Aaron break Babe Ruth’s career home run record on that date.

Or, one way to make sure you never forget the day Hammerin’ Hank passed The Bambino: Get married on the same date.

Either way, today floods me with memories.

Yes, I was in Atlanta to cover Aaron’s unforgettable day. Well, actually, I was in Atlanta with the Dodgers, the team I was covering for the old Los Angeles Herald Examiner. Same difference.

I had gotten married the previous April 8, in Los Angeles. So, one thing hasn’t changed in 41 years: I’m still out of town on my wedding anniversary, only this time in Chicago to cover the Pirates for As someone once said, “This is the life we’ve chosen.”

Called my wife this morning and played an old trick on Malvina, who still doesn’t know anything about baseball (hitting may be contagious, but affinity for ball apparently is not).

“Hi. Do you know what day this is?” I asked her.

She goes, “C’mon. Of course. It’s our anniversary.”

“Nope — it’s the day Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth.”

Amazing that after 41 years, it can  still make her laugh. Probably why we are still together after 41 years.

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please tell her ima said congrats.

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