Pirates get Wainwright’s best — and still get him

It isn’t like the Pirates had never beaten Adam Wainwright before.

In 2007, they nailed him for five runs in six innings. The following year, they put five more runs on him. Then there was the 2012 game the Pirates rocked Wainwright for 11 hits and seven runs in five innings.

Every pitcher has off days, and the Bucs had caught him on a few.

But this is what made Sunday different: They beat Wainwright at his best; they found someone to go toe-to-toe with the St. Louis ace — Edinson Volquez — and deny him a win he surely felt he deserved.

His manager definitely felt that way. This is how Mike Matheny put it:

“That’s a game that when your ace does that, you feel like you need to walk out of here with a win.”

When a pitcher has one of those off days, it is easy to shake off. This one, the Cards had a tougher time shaking off.

Ain’t that sweet?

Matheny, by the way, continues to strike me as someone not willing to credit the other guys when they beat him. No “tip of the cap” from him. He can lose, but he cannot be beaten. There’s a difference; think about it.

His assessment of Sunday’s pitchers duel:

“[Volquez] was good. Waino was great.”

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Screw Matheny!!!

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