Tuesday Rewind: Cubs 9, Bucs 8

Pitchers’ year? Maybe. But it sure wasn’t pitchers’ Tuesday. 163 runs! Topped by the Reds’ 16-10 win over the Brewers — who scored as many runs as in their previous six games combined, to no avail. …

Attn. Neal Huntington: Addison Russell went 0-for-5, with three strikeouts, in his Major League debut; he looked like a guy who has had a total of only 59 plate appearances in Triple-A. …

Clint Hurdle offers some leeway in the typical control demands placed on pitchers: “You try to put the ball … maybe not in a tee cup, but in a soup bowl.” … 

Mark Melancon has appeared in 151 games for the Pirates. Games in which he has allowed three runs: April 13 against Detroit; April 21 against the Cubs. …

It is misguided to blame his troubles on a drop in velocity. As long as it is not health related — and it does not appear to be — a drop from 91 to 88 is insignificant, because 91 isn’t overpowering to begin with. It really is a matter of ball movement/control. When his pitches are diving knee-to-ankle, Melancon gets a lot of chases and ground balls. But he hasn’t had his usual sink. …

Bryan Price apologized for the language he used, but stood by his message? I think he got it backward: In a real-world sense, didn’t mind the language, don’t have a problem with someone showing fire and emotion; but berate someone for doing well the job that serves the public? For Woodward and Bernstein’s case, come on! … 

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