The (Friday) Windup, April 24: An ERAnt

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In this forest of new statistics, one old tree that has become completely meaningless is the Earned Run Average. And not just for modern relievers, whose ERA — earned runs allowed every nine innings — represents weeks’ work.

But consider starters. They rarely pitch the complete game the ERA was originally designed to reflect. Six innings is the norm. So it isn’t the ERA that has become obsolete, but what it represents.

Solution: Turn the ERA into a six-inning stat. Very easy to calculate, as simply two-thirds of what we now consider an ERA.

If Gerrit Cole has a “virtual” ERA of 3.00, his factual ERA is 2.00. In an average start of six innings, he can be expected to allow two earned runs. 

Show of hands of support, please — and I’ll start referring to … let’s call it the 6-ERA … in my coverage. … 

Gregory Polanco is building a solid platform for a breakout season. The difference in his confidence/approach was vivid in Wednesday’s game-winning AB against the Cubs’ Phil Coke. Gets in an 0-2 hole, patiently lays off some tough pitches to run the count full, fouls off a couple of nasty pitchers’ pitches — then punches a single through the shortstop hole.

Relaxed, Polanco will start loosening his swing. The power always comes last. …

The Bucs are tied for the early NL lead in sacrifice flies, with 6. So? Last season, they were 14th (next to last) with a total of 35. … 

Seven decades after Hall of Fame shortstop Arky Vaughan, the Bucs have another Arky: Arquimedes Caminero in the box score, henceforth Arky Caminero for Buccos fans. …

It’s an AC thing: Before it was only Aroldis Chapman, but Arky Caminero has joined the NL Central’s Century Club, as in 100-mph heat.


Do you think Pirates might give AC a chance to close IF Melancon’s velocity stays under 90mph ???

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