The (Friday) Rewind: 13th on the 13th edition

Yeah, it started on Friday the 12th. But you should note the Bucs win in the 13th in the wee minutes of the 13th and there were some other figures to entertain triskaidekaphobics among us:

  • The Phillies left 13 men on base
  • Hit No. 13 won it for the Pirates
  • Gregory Polanco and Andrew McCutchen combined to go 0-for-13.

So the Bucs won a game in which they stranded 17 runners and the top three men in their lineup combined to go 3-for-20. That, in a sense, is a very good thing. … 

I imagine the Bucs — like most clubs — would be in deep trouble without Starling Marte, Pedro Alvarez, Gerrit Cole and Francisco Liriano to injuries. So you gotta hand it to the Cardinals — Matt Holliday, Matt Adams, Adam Wainwright, Lance Lynn — all down. And they’re the first big league club to reach 40 wins. … 

Oh, the irony: Fans were originally stripped of their right to vote for All-Star Game starters after 1957, when Cincinnati fans stuffed ballots to elect seven (Stan Musial got the nod at first base) of the Reds regulars. Until the fans’ voting rights were restored in 1970, uniformed personnel — players, manager, coaches — picked the teams.

So now, without nearly as much controversy, seven Royals are leading the American League vote. The irony? Next month’s Midsummer Classic will be played in … Cincinnati. … 

Elias Sports Bureau’s postscript to last night’s game ranks as my favorite historical context of the season: Before Chris Stewart, the last Pirates player to score in a 1-0 home win in the 13th was … Honus Wagner. …

My contextual contribution: The Flying Dutchman scored that run to beat the Brooklyn Dodgers on Aug. 29, 1914 — a month after World War I broke out. … 

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