The (Tuesday) Windup, Zip-Zip Hooray edition

If you surf the Web or turn on the tube, you know chicks aren’t the only ones who dig the long ball. Headlines and highlights dote over homer exploits — so the Pirates fly under the radar. They are an anachronism with their dead-ball style pitching. Zip, zip, hooray is so old school.

The Pirates have hit two homers in their last eight games. Oh … they’ve won six of them. …

The Mound Murderers Row’s fabulous run of pitching — the whole staff, really, not just the starters — has the team ERA at 2.79. Rather than focus on the fact that still trails the Cardinals, I think it’s far more significant that it is more than a full run lower than the NL average if 3.81. … 

Francisco Liriano’s eight-inning gem on Monday night generated a Game Score of 89, the Pirates’ third-best in 13 years. A.J. Burnett’s July 31, 2012 one-hitter over the Cubs and Todd Ritchie’s one-hitter over the Royals on July 13, 2001 both scored 91s. …

Man, talk about tough acts to follow. But it’s been ongoing for more than a week. Next to take up the dare is Charlie Morton:

  • Harrison rf
  • Marte lf
  • McCutchen cf
  • Kang 3b
  • Cervelli c
  • Mercer ss
  • Walker 2b
  • Rodriguez 1b
  • Morton p
This will be Marte’s eighth start of the season in the two-hole. He’s 16-for-32 (.500) there but, don’t worry, he’ll eventually get the hang of it. …

The Bucs playing their first game in an American League ballpark tomorrow night and facing yet another White Sox lefty [John Danks] would appear to provide the perfect opportunity for Corey Hart’s next expedition to find his swing. But he may not be the automatic choice to DH. The role, his primary job with the Mariners last season, gave him problems. Hart hit .196 as a DH, with merely 18 RBIs in 215 plate appearances. … 

Pirates hitters are loving taking batting practice off Chris Peters, who is receiving high marks from Clint Hurdle as well. Still, the club has lined up a couple of other left-handers to come in next week to throw BP. It may just be a case of Peters, a busy man with family and other endeavors, being unavailable.

1 Comment

What fun and pleasure watching our pitching staff post historic performances! Especially now that the bats are sparking up.
Plus Kang in the four hole?! Brilliant! Great move by Clint, he’s now thinking ‘outside the box’!! Plus he’s finally started to leave successful pitchers in. A step towards ‘new school’ paying off big.
The Cards remain brutal. We have the second best record on the NL, and the third in MLB, and are still 6 back?! Brutal.
Forge on, Cards will crack!!!

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