The (Monday) Windup, Kang-sized problem edition

Don’t get me wrong: No one is dispensable. But with the possible exception of struggling outfielder Gregory Polanco, Josh Harrison was probably the least traumatic regular for the Bucs to replace, thanks to Jung Ho Kang — who is making his 31st at third base tonight, to 51 for J-Hay. … 

The best hope is that the second medical opinion Harrison will get once the swelling in his left hand subsides discounts a torn ligament in the thumb. That would require surgery, and an extended recovery time. … 

I’m going to place my cards on the table. The Pirates I expect to be added to the N.L. All-Star team tonight: Andrew McCutchen, Gerrit Cole, A.J. Burnett. With either Mark Melancon or Francisco Cervelli a Final Vote candidate. … 

If it happens, Burnett will be at work when the announcement airs, dealing to Padres:

Do you think the PNC Park will let him hear it? … 

Starling Marte is also out, for an indeterminate time, with discomfort in the left side. The Cardinals are approaching for the big pre-All-Star Game break showdown. Are the Pirates just trying to play fair by evening the playing field for the Redbirds missing Matt Holliday and Matt Adams? … 


Polanco is given too much credit for his “athletic” ability.
He needs to go back to the minors for a while to mature.
He has no discipline in his swing, he is loose and swings for the fences every time. Of course, Jeff Branson ( fired but still acting hitting coach) has no ability to fix that. Polanco’s hitting will be better coached in Indy.

Guess I stand corrected, for now.

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