The (Friday) Windup, “Marte on deck” edition

As Starling Marte just told’s Adam Berry, “I’m ready to play.” So there doesn’t figure to be a DL stint for his sensitive left side, and we should see him this weekend.

That makes Clint Hurdle happy.

“We’re a better team with him in play,” said Hurdle, not shocking anyone. … 

Better than with Travis Ishikawa?

I asked Jung Ho Kang — yes, in English — whether the ninth-inning drive he hit last night to left-center (383 feet in PNC Park) that was caught near the warning track would have been out of Seoul’s Mokdong Stadium (371 feet).

“No. Pitch inside, hit it off the handle,” he said.

Yes, again, in English. … 

Right-hander Preston Guilmet, just claimed on waivers by the Dodgers from Tampa Bay, was on the same University of Arizona pitching staff as Mark Melancon. … 

You’ve heard knee-jerk references to strong, sustained pitching performances turning baseball’s clock back to 1968. That’s the year Bob Gibson had an ERA of 1.12 for 34 starts and 304 2/3 innings. Well,Zack Greinke is here to be the face of the trend: He has a 1.39 ERA  and will be the first to take a sub-1.40 figure iinto the All-Star break since … 1968. … 


Great job by Bucs over Cards last night.
Time to move Worley into the rotation, and Locke to the ‘Pen. They learned that works with the hitters (aka the Jung Ho Kang School of Player Development), time to use the concept with the pitchers.

7-21-2015 Cole will have to win this one on his own,,,,stuart, morel in lineup, not good
Let me be WRONG.

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